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How the 100% NO KNOT Works:

About the 100% NO KNOT


The 100% NO KNOT has been an important part of our fishing for the past 20 years or more and as we age even a more important part, as it allows us to continue to enjoy a sport that often requires deft figures and sharp eye sight.  The new innovations in lines has increased the challenges faced by the average person trying to tie the perfect knot (any knot weakens the line) and it is easy to make a mistake with the new lines that could cost you that one in a life time special fish, unless your are using the 100% NO KNOT with 100% CONNECTION 100% line strength every time.  100% NO KNOT users continue to use the product and are the best ambassadors for the product with as much as half of the our sales during an average show being repeat business.

Once you fish with the 100% NO KNOT, you and the fish will share the fact YOU ARE HOOKED!

See you on the flats, fishing boat or a fishing show near you.