The Grass Flats Angler

The 100% NO KNOT comes in 3 sizes measured and based on monofilament pound test sizes.

  • 2-10 pound test - 10 per pack

             Use with smaller jigs, sinking flies, any light tackle up to 10 pounds or less.

  • 2-50 pound test - 10 per pack

             Tie this one to anything - crank baits, buzz baits etc.  Anything you tie on your line will work with this one when using               mid-sized tackle and line test over 10 but under 50.

  • 40-100 pound test - 6 per pack  

              We call this the "off shore".  This one will handle the big stuff and the big fish.

  • Minimum order is three packs

All the 100% NO KNOTS work well with flouro, mono, braids and any other hybrid fishing lines that are manufactured today.  The average person can not tie a better connection and never as quickly as with the 100% NO KNOT.  Try a pack and you will wonder why you ever fished any other way.